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About Us

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BLACK-BOX Films is a prominent production company
and workshop space situated in Tirana, providing extensive global services across the advertising, digital, film, and art sectors.

With a rich history spanning over a decade, our team consists of 100+ exceptionally talented professionals. Producers, directors, filmmakers, developers, designers, copywriters, photographers, and craftsmen, all unified by their unwavering passion for the art and technology.
Our hallmark lies in meticulously attending to every facet, transcending the boundaries of visual representation. We are steadfast in our commitment to nurturing critical thinking and upholding essential principles, demonstrating a profound sense of responsibility toward fostering a healthier society.

Projekti edukues për shfaqjen e filmave autor dhe komercial i shtrirë në të gjithë shqiperinë është projekti më i fundit power by Black Box

Our Journey

Cinematography and Film Production


2017, movie


A struggling family in mountainous northern Albania wrestling with tradition, must unite against a mysterious clan aggression.

A supernatural thriller heralded as “Albania’s first horror movie” has been released online. Bloodlands follows a fractured Albanian family struggling amid financial ruin and clashing views on tradition. But when a mysterious cult begins to hunt the family down, they must band together to survive. Directed by Australian Steven Kastrissios, the film bagged three prizes last year at Sydney’s A Night of Horror Film Festival. Albanian acting heavyweight Suela Bakoat also secured a win in the best actress category at the Nashville Film Festival.

2022, Movie

A life with you

"A Life With You" is a satirical comedy. At the center of the film is a young couple who fall in love at first sight.

A life with you" is the film project written and directed by Erion Kame, for which filming will begin soon. A project starring well-known actors, a film that, according to the director, shows the 10-year odyssey of a couple. Known in the theater scene with various theater performances, this time director Kame has started work on a feature film. The protagonists in the film are the actors Dritan Arbana and Olta Gixhari. The director shows that in the film everything starts with the relationship between a couple, a story where at one point the relationship between them is endangered. "It is the 10-year odyssey of a married couple. So, from the time we met until ten years later. The special thing is that the same story is narrated by both spouses. Their views are completely different. So are attitudes. At a certain point in the film, their relationship is seriously threatened by the entry into their lives of a girl who works with the man. If there is a story between them, or if this is a figment of the woman's fantasy, but also the husband's, this remains to be seen", says director Erion Kame.